City Park Wrocław II with a building permit

The construction of the next buildings in the SBU park at the Wrocław Airport will start in early April. The developer, Ideal Idea, has obtained a building permit.

Two new buildings (the second stage of the investment) will be built next to the already developed and commercialized warehouse and office buildings. They will offer over 7,000 sqm of office and warehouse space. – They will have slightly larger warehouse units than their predecessors.

The company is already in talks with potential tenants for the second stage of City Park Wrocław. The facility will be ready in march next year.

The developer perceives the Wrocław market as promising. – We will stay in Lower Silesia and build more business parks here. We will also be actively looking for land for further projects in Wrocław. Our tenants are often large international companies in the phase of intensive development on the Polish market. For them, the area of ​​Wrocław Airport Nicolaus Copernicus is important and attractive.