new business
in Wrocław

City Park Wrocław III

We create avant-garde spaces where warehouses, light production, or modern representative offices with an urban, well-exposed character can be established.

The new facility will offer 16 warehouse modules, each approximately 640 m² in size, allowing for flexible adaptation to various business needs. Additionally, each module will be accompanied by an office space of approximately 120 m², providing comprehensive workspaces for future tenants.

The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2025.

0km City centre
0km Motorway
0km Train station
0km Airport
Strategic location
Class-A offices
BREEAM Excellent standard
Flexibility of module configuration
Warehouse height: 10 m
Floor load capacity: 5T/m2

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    What are Small Business Units (SBUs)?
    Small Business Units (SBU) is an avant-garde concept that combines modern Class A offices with flexible high-storage warehouses. It focuses on creating spaces that can be used for both light production and as representative offices. The project is characterized by modernity, flexibility in space creation, and complete tenant independence.
    Who is SBU for?
    We design the park infrastructure with dynamically growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mind, which require flexible and modern spaces for various activities such as warehouses, light production, or modern offices. The project perfectly meets the needs of businesses seeking a place that allows for easy integration with the extensive urban business ecosystem and provides a strategic location, enabling companies to effectively compete in the international market.
    What characterizes City Park Wrocław III?
    The start of construction of the third part of the City Park Wrocław complex is a testament to the success and popularity of the previous stages realized by Ideal Idea. The new phase of the City Park Wrocław project will attract diverse companies, including both those already established in the market and startups seeking innovative spaces. The flexibility of the offered modules will allow for adapting the space to the specific needs of various industries, enhancing the versatility of the complex.
    What are the benefits of the location of City Park Wrocław?
    City Park Wrocław is located in a strategic point close to Wrocław Airport, with excellent transportation connections, facilitating access to international and local markets. The proximity of the S8 and A4 highways provides quick access to other major cities and neighboring countries such as Germany and the Czech Republic, which is crucial for companies with international reach.
    How does Ideal Idea support sustainable development?
    The project adheres to international BREEAM standards, which means it incorporates ecological criteria, energy efficiency, and innovation. These actions contribute to maximizing space efficiency while minimizing environmental impact, resulting in economic, environmental, and social benefits.
    What are the benefits of space flexibility in City Park Wrocław?
    City Park Wrocław offers 16 storage modules, each approximately 640 m² in size, with the ability to adapt to various business needs. Each module also has an adjacent A-class office space of approximately 120 m², providing flexibility in configuring workspaces.
    How does City Park Wrocław ensure tenants' independence?
    At City Park Wrocław, each tenant has their independent modules, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. The absence of shared spaces fosters the maintenance of operational independence for each company, which is particularly valuable for businesses that value autonomy and the specific nature of their operations.
    Who is the developer and project manager?
    Ideal Idea was founded in 2008 by Andrzej Dużyński. It was the first company in Poland to introduce the Small Business Units (SBU) model. Currently, the company's portfolio includes 11 buildings located in business parks in Warsaw and Wrocław, with a total area of over 60,000 m2, serving as a driving force for the development of over 40 companies.